Our Mission

  • Neuroscientists working with perfume industry specialists led to performance-enhancing scents. Placebo-controlled, randomized, blinded studies found people improved to work smarter (learning 40% more), play harder (endurance & speed up to 5%), and rest easier (stress reduction over 50%) with performance scents.
  • Safe, natural, effective – as tested in humans (not animals). Certified legal and safe for use in pro and amateur athletes.
  • Available in either Personal size roll-on (lasts 40 days: swipe once, works immediately and go for up to 8 hours) or Diffusers (cool-air, atomizing, no-water, no-mess, 800-5,000 sq ft).
  • Several products sold out in their retail debut, and users include: law offices, pro athletic teams, selected CrossFit locations, luxury hotels including Four Seasons New York, and upscale yoga studios—with both local and international presence. Math students, Muai Thai boxers, and restless individuals (like moms and dads of young children, busy finance professionals, and military personnel) live by our products, and we love the stories of how they’ve become “better versions of themselves.”
  • Coming soon… a new product, by popular demand.  Stay tuned!


Cool-Air Atomizing Diffuser -- Personal Size

Cool-Air Atomizing Diffuser -- Personal Size

This sleek and portable personal diffuser brings our most popular scents directly into your home, office space, studio rooms, and other spaces up to 800 square feet.
  • Patented Advanced Cold Diffusion Technology, so pure scents molecules are diffused without adding water for more prolonged effect
  • NO MESS — made for use with any of our diffuser refill performance scent bottles — just remove the inner nib (in place to prevent leakage), and screw the bottle in under the lid... no pouring, no oil everywhere, no need to add water
  • Micro-Fine Vapor Reaches Over 800 Square Feet
  • Digital Timer you can adjust to any of 4 Intermittent Selections
  • Quiet and Portable
  • Runs on Electric power or Rechargeable Battery (6 to 12 Hours for Battery) depending on usage setting
  • Universal USB Wire for Use in any Country
  • International Plug Voltage 100V-240V
  • Specially created to run pure oil-based solutions like our 4 xSense refill products, each with Performance Scents -- WorkSense (learning, remembering, efficiency, accuracy improved by up to 40%), PlaySense (endurance, speed improved by up to 5%), RestSense (brain relaxation, stress-reduction improved by up to over 50%), AeroSense (neutralizing odors to refresh area)